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Welcome to the Hoard Ecosystem

We’re being called the killer crypto app: the missing link to mass adoption that’s solving the last mile for consumers and the new crypto economy. The talented team behind Hoard is calling on everyone to join us and support real transformation of money and commerce as we know it.

Multi-currency Wallet

One app to securely hold and manage your private keys for 1,000's of digital assets across multiple chains on multiple devices. No accounts or KYC necessary.

The Hoard App

Presenting an open source mobile wallet developed for iOS and Android phones that can hold any cryptocurrency across any public blockchain while you maintain full control of your private keys.

A peer-to-peer payment system that removes copy/paste methods and slow block times and relies on your device contacts, @usernames, email address or phone numbers, even if the recipient doesn’t have the Hoard app or a crypto wallet.

Instantly swap any asset for any asset without a complex trading experience at minimal fees. Track transactions or market performance of your assets stored on other platforms.

International Fiat Gateway

One of the fastest and cheapest ways to buy or sell the top cryptocurrencies with cash money using debit cards or through ACH transactions.

Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies

Hoard will provide a trusted and secure bridge between the fiat money and cryptocurrency environments -- FINRA/MSB regulated and KYC/AML compliant.

Asset Exchange

Simplified swap trading technology to quickly exchange any currency for any currency. Incoming support for qualifying tokenized assets in the future.

Source Liquidity from Multiple Exchanges and Networks.

The Hoard Masternode network automatically finds the best rates for users who wish to trade any cryptocurrency trading pair, with no hidden fees or restrictions.

Multi-portfolio Tracking

A single location to track holdings and automatically record transactions across multiple exchanges or wallets through read-only APIs and partnerships

Your Cryptocurrency Assets All in One Place

See all of your cross-exchange holdings, as well as cold-storage and hardware wallet balances integrated together within the Hoard app, along with historical performance.

Robo Investing

Put your cryptocurrency investing on autopilot with Hoard's IFTTT-inspired robo-investing engine complete with coin baskets and auto-rebalancing.

Diversified and Automated Cryptocurrency Investing

Rule-based recipes enable automatic and transparent investing to build your hoard of crypto, while coin baskets instantly diversify holdings across numerous verticals, such as Privacy Coins, Exchange Coins, or Proof-of-Stake coins.

AI-driven Sentiment Analysis

A Hoard-engineered open source and artificially intelligent microservice to analyze positive and negative market sentiment of coins and markets.

Cryptocurrency Analytics Based on Market Sentiment

Hoard's open source "Hypecoin" machine learning service combs through billions of posts on social media to find out what coins have the most hype behind them.

Cardless Payments

Take control of your transactions and eliminate high fees from middlemen. Hoard is building QR payment technology using any liquid asset you hold.

Instant and Convenient Settlement

Hoard's merchant solutions allow businesses to accept any supported cryptocurrency, and automatically settle into their preferred assets, such as BTC, LTC, or ETH, or even fiat.

Multi-chain DEX Protocol

A zero-knowledge decentralized exchange protocol interoperable between blockchains for maximum liquidity, scalable transactions, and instant asset transfers.

Public and Private Cryptocurrency Exchange

Hoard's second layer protocol powers an off-chain trading ledger, allowing users to privately and atomically swap cryptocurrencies.