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Decentralized currencies call for decentralized platforms

The Hoard mobile app is powered by a decentralized exchange and second layer transaction protocol, combining a simple and powerful end-user experience with the privacy and security of a decentralized ecosystem.


Our Network

The decentralized exchange protocol serving customers of the Hoard app

Smaug Network

Our blockchain network (codenamed Smaug) is a decentralized exchange protocol, solving interoperability of all public blockchain assets while aggregating the liquidity of decentralized exchanges into a single endpoint for maximum end-user consumption. The Ethereum based second layer solution is completely decentralized and relies solely on community efforts to provide transaction verification, order matching, and market making through multiple Hoard masternodes.


Our community members power the network

The Hoard Masternode Program

The Hoard Masternode program is the mechanism that powers the decentralized exchange protocol codenamed "Smaug Network". This open-source software enables Hoard community members to create their own exchanges, wherein they either source liquidity for the Smaug Network, or connect users of the Hoard wallet app and other supported applications to these liquidity pools.

Second Layer Exchange Ledgers

Choose between public and private exchange services

Masternodes Incentivized to Operate with Low Fees

The masternodes also maintain the off-chain ledgers that represent users' assets deposited in the Smaug network, either in a publicly available ledger or encrypted within a Zero-knowledge ledger. The market matching masternodes set their own competitive rates and can take fees on the trades they make, while the order matching masternodes receive block rewards in the form of the HOARD token.