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Hoard has been actively working on the roadmap since it's inception in the spring of 2017. What began is a way to simplify crypto for people has matured into a full scale mission to transform the way people exchange value, growth wealth, and monitor their assets. The timeline below outlines our initiatives at a high level and timeframes are extremely conservative.

  1. Multi-currency wallet

    One wallet to manage your assets across multiple blockchains. Send or request funds using device contacts, email addresses, phone numbers, or usernames

  2. Multi-exchange Portfolio Tracking

    Track your assets across top-tier exchanges, and see detailed performance metrics on your portfolio and historical trade data

  3. Swaps

    Swap any-for-any asset across our network of liquidity and swap partners, directly from the app without compromising the sanctity of your private keys

  4. Decentralized Exchange

    Execute trades from within the app without relying on centralized services. Choose between public and private decentralized exchange services, both powered by our network of community run masternodes

  5. Rule-based Investing

    Make building your Hoard of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more as simple as using a piggy bank with our automated, rule-based investment systems that connect directly to your bank accounts and make microinvestments every time your paycheck comes in, or every time you treat yourself to a macchiato.

  6. Fiat Onramp

    Trade your fiat currency for cryptocurrency and vice-versa with our fiat services. Make person-to-person cryptocurrency payments and settle in US Dollars with low fees